We had an amazing time playing for the crowd at Donaleigh's Irish Pub in Barrie last night. Seems March 31st is a big night in Barrie - there were at least a dozen people there celebrating their birthdays! It all started out with Mike's 40th Birthday bash - special thanks to you Mike and your friends for staying late into the evening and partying with us! From there the we also had a visit from a strange Easter bunny who at the point where Carlo took this video, had lost his ears... Why he was wearing a burger vest, bunny outfit and crazy wig we will never know.  Shout outs to Paul and Robyn, Arne and Tara a.k.a. the Barrie Hoolie crew along with Tracy Chambers and Connor MacKenzie!  Also a big thanks to the staff at Donaleigh's and Steve (the best sound guy in town) we love it here!!
Thanks for taking this video Carlo Fusco!


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