What an EPIC first night at Donaleigh's!

We had a great time last night (August 26) at Donaleigh's Irish Public House in Barrie. When we arrived, it seemed as though it would be a quiet night due to the mega fight happening. However, once we started the first set, people started showing up and they were ready to party. We all had a healthy showing of friends and family and we thank you so much for always having our back. We had a big birthday party and a stagette show up right away, and the girls set the stage for the night. We had a full dance floor for most of the first set as well as dancers on stage! The night kept on rolling and the people of Barrie didn't disappoint. A special shout out to Steve our sound man, who joined us for a number on Bass. We'd like to thank the staff and management for having us and we hope to be back soon. Thanks to all for being there!

Next up, we'll be rocking Fionn MacCool's in Newmarket on September 9th.